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Dairy Stakeholders Registration
Dairy Stakeholders Registration

The Dairy industry in Tanzania is governed by the Dairy industry Act cap 262 of 2004.This law was enacted by the presence of challenges of governing and management of the dairy Industry in the country, after the breach of the Livestock Development Authority - LIDA in the early 1980s. There has also been a need for quality and safe milk in the domestic and overseas market.

Tanzania Dairy Board was established with a view to establishing consistent basis for the development of dairy industry in production, processing of milk and milk products which focus on quality and safety in order to meet the demand of domestic and foreign market. In addition to that, Tanzania Dairy Board in carrying out these responsibilities, the Board has to cooperate with various stakeholders including Local Government Authorities and other Government agencies. The Board has developed guidelines to direct stakeholders in carrying out their responsibilities according to the law. In order to implement the registration, it is definitely that the Inspection is the key task in registration of stakeholders also this will prepare stakeholders to do business according to guidelines and procedures of the dairy industry.

Tanzania Dairy Board issues registration to various operators in the dairy value chain as provided in the section 17 (1-2) of the Dairy Industry Act, Cap 262 of laws of Tanzania.

Purpose of Registration

Enabling stakeholders to participate fully in developing the dairy industry in areas of production, processing and marketing of milk and milk products. It also enable them to receive various services including key technical information , marketing information and create a network among them. Other includes to ensure that premise and milk handling comply with regulations.

The registration current issued by the Board are;

  1. Milk producer
  2. Milk Processor
  3. Milk collector
  4. Milk Transporter
  5. Milk Trader
  6. Milk or milk products importer or exporter
  7. Dairy inputs suppliers, manufacturers or importers;
  8. Retailer.

Application for registration of dairy stakeholders

Any person before operating any dairy should be registered by opening The procedure for registration requires an applicant to fill and submit Registration Application Form to the Registrar. The Registration Application Form is available at Tanzania Dairy Board offices and can be downloaded in the website.

Any dairy stakeholder, before being registered, shall comply with conditions as set out in the regulations for each category are as follows..

Sr. no.


Conditions for registration


Milk producer

(1) Capacity to produce more than 10 litres per day

(2) Should have a suitable place for milking

(3) Possess suitable milking utencils

(4) Able to adhere to hygienic milk production

(5) adhere to Good Animal Husbandry Practices


Milk collector

(1) Possess suitable milk handling equipment

(2) Able to adhere to hygienic milk handling

(3) Possess milk cooling facilities

(4) Possess basic platform milk testing facilities

(5) Possess suitably designed premises


Milk trader

(1) Possess suitable milk handling equipment

(2) Adhere to hygienic milk handling

(3) Possess basic platform milk testing facilities


Milk transporter

(1) Proof of permit of a milk container


Milk processor

(1) Proof of possession of a valid license issued by a food regulatory body


Milk / importer/ whole seller/ exporter/ distributor

(1) Proof of possession of a valid license issued by a food regulatory body


Input supplier

(1) Proof of possession of a valid trading license

The Board may, on application by any person, register such person to undertake any or all of the activities.

For further information please contact Tanzania Dairy Board.